1. Deletion of Account Record: Upon confirmation, the app deletes the entire account record associated with the user. This includes any personal information stored in the account profile.

2.  Deletion of Associated Data: The app ensures that all associated personal data linked to the account is deleted. This includes user-generated content such as photos, social media posts, likes, shares, comments, reviews, and any other content contributed by the user.

3.  Immediate Deletion: The account and associated data are deleted immediately after the user confirms their decision. This prompt action helps ensure that the user’s data is removed promptly and completely.

4.  Confirmation Message: Once the deletion process is complete, the user may receive a confirmation message informing them that their account and associated data have been successfully deleted.

5.  Data Retention Compliance: The app ensures compliance with relevant data protection laws, such as GDPR, by adhering to strict data deletion practices and providing users with control over their personal information. By following these steps, the app demonstrates its commitment to user privacy and data protection by allowing users to delete their accounts and associated data easily and securely.