Welcome to “ELITE PRIVATE NETWORK” a private social network designed for our ELITE MEMBERS ONLY. You can build your own custom profile and connect with friends, family and people who share the same interest on our network. Connect with members across the world to promote your work, business, or brand from your personal profile. Upload pictures, links, audio files and more directly to your profile for other users to view in real time. 


  • Share what’s on your mind
  • Announce events
  • Private message your friends
  • Post on your timeline for all users to view
  • Create group chats within the network


DISCLAIMER: All users must be 18+ years old to become a member on our network. Any users under the age of 18 will be terminated from using our site. All users agree to use this site responsibly and not to promote any illegal sale of any hard drugs, sex trafficking or prostitution. You agree that by creating an account on our network you are liable for all posts and updates from your account and if any violations occur your account will be terminated.


EPN (Elite Private Network) is a private network for members only; our network is not available to the community, so we ask that you keep all log-in credentials private and agree you will not share, sale or forward your account information to anyone other than the permitted user of the account. Only 1 USER per account is granted; if your username or account is being used by more than one authorized member, your account will automatically be terminated without notice.